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October 28, 2012
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Fight the power by MiciaGlo Fight the power by MiciaGlo
raw! raw! fight the power!

Yoko bounty hunter - tengen toppa gurren lagann

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I have to say this is one of the best photos of a Yoko cosplay, in many senses! First of all the skin texture is amazing (not knowing if the photo underwent any posterior treatment) and its colour matches well the overall red-theme! I prefer this redder skin tone over the brighter ones! :)
The colours are very well matched regarding the character in whole, and the strong red in the hair brings the photo to life upfront!
The model is (needless to say) very sensual and beautiful bringing the model into higher resemblance and truthfulness to an already obviously sex-appealing anime character, in terms of beauty, as in clothing.
I like the fact that in this photo you're not holding the rifle too, it provides a tender nature to the character instead of always handling a tank-sized blaster rifle :)
This sweeter nature transmitted in this image is also highly strengthened by the feminine and delicate pose in the photo, whereas in other Yoko photos the cosplayer usually wields the rifle in a far-too-kickass fashion :p I prefer it like this :)
The angle of the photo is very well framed as well as the haziness of the background and its dark tones bring contrast to the model in question, focusing on the essential!
The lights seem very well played with too!
I'd have to say from this photoshoot this is my favourite photo!
I'd have loved to see a version like this but in full body though :)
I love the angle of the face, it's very seductive also by showing only one eye, and the fringe of the hair is simply gorgeous creating a somewhat subtle sense of mystery around the character by curtaining the eyes! Fringes in redheads are simply beautiful and that should be a law :)
I hope to see more works like this one! :D
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Sei molto bella.
Sei un po abbbronzata per Yoko, ma approvo il resto *__*
l'abbronzatura residua dell'estate >.<
Ahaha sei stupenda, invidio chi era li con te <3
so beautiful!!!!!the cosplay and your style are both superb☆⌒ヽ(*'、^*)chu<br / />
deathfoxprincess Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow you have a great looking body. The cosplay looks great too (although I don't know much about the character or the anime).
you should watch ttgl :)
You are awesome!
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